Yabba dabba doo!

Sorry to tell you, but the automation works better.


Memory-Lane Monday: Whatever works

Why no Wi-Fi?


Funny ha-ha

And yet some people see no value in practical jokes.


Throwback Thursday: Can I see me now?

Remoting from a non-remote PC? It’s all too metaphysical.


How much knowledge is a dangerous thing?

In which a pilot fish learns a really efficient way to kill an SSD disk.


Time-Machine Tuesday: It’s all in how you ask

A patient pilot fish finally gets his due.


So much learning in one day

Some employees start in the mailroom and work their way down.


Flashback Friday: A little TOO efficient

A moving story from back in the day.


Throwback Thursday: Pick a card, any card ...

It’s all so random.


And that, kids, is how you boot a system

Sometimes you just need to do a little percussive maintenance.


Not-so-Big Gulp

It’s not raining now, therefore it won’t rain in the future.


Memory-Lane Monday: Do as I say, not as I ...

The exception that proves the rule?


Flashback Friday: That’s unusual?

It’s a heat wave, but just in the server room.


Throwback Thursday: Anything better would be too good

At her most recent performance review, this pilot fish gets a rating of 3 of a possible 5 -- "fully satisfactory." Not bad, but she wants to do better. The question: How?


It's a hack!

A few years after Y2K, this pilot fish has overall responsibility for his company's website -- which is why the frantic CEO emails him to say the website has been hacked.


Oh, grow up!...and down...and up...and down...

The plan is to add Wi-Fi to this factory, and to speed up the process they're trying something new this time: training an IT guy to run the scissor lift for himself


Rule #1: Don't. Rule #2: If you must, see Rule #1

This IT pilot fish lands a one-year gig working at an Army installation, and it turns out that the IT rules are just like in the civilian world -- only more so.


Right now, wrong future

This soon-to-graduate IT pilot fish is in serious job-search mode -- better still, he's offered a job that pays well and really sounds like fun. Why wouldn't he take it?


Throwback Thursday: Logic, shmogic, we've got a process

Company's wired network is being upgraded, and this user sits right next to a main conduit for the wires -- so she has a good idea of what's wrong when things go south.


Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's IP

Pilot fish is the volunteer on-call IT department for a church that has decided to let its congregation use the church's Wi-Fi network. What's so hard about that?


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