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Back to the ol' spam-fighting drawing board

Pilot fish finds his inbox full of spam messages, and dozens of them seem to be related -- but this time it's not just a very bad case of spam victims using Reply All

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Microsoft Patch Alert: Despite weird timing, September’s Windows and Office patches look good

If you look beyond the inexplicable ‘Patch Monday’ dump and some forgettable vorpal blades aimed at the Meltdown/Spectre Jabberwocky, this month’s Windows and Office patches are the best-behaved in months.

Windows security and protection [Windows logo/locks]

Why Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever

With Device Guard, Credential Guard, and Application Guard, Windows uses virtualization to provide unprecedented protection from malware and advanced persistent threats.

Apple iPhone passcode ID

Easy way to bypass passcode lock screens on iPhones, iPads running iOS 12

Apple has not patched the hole allowing you to bypass the lock screen on iPhones that have Touch ID. As of iOS 12, you can still trick Siri into getting into a person’s iPhone.

Apple WWDC 2018 - iOS 12 announcement

9+ iOS 12 security improvements you should know about

Apple has shipped iOS 12, and it’s packed with new security improvements and settings every user should know about.

Computerworld > Mobile voting via phone / digital ballot

W. Va. to use blockchain-based mobile app for mid-term voting

The state will be the first ever to use a blockchain-enabled mobile voting app – developed by Voatz – to allow absentee voters to cast ballots in the mid-term elections this fall.

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SharePoint Workflows go belly-up when you install the September .Net Security Only patch

Another major bug in this month’s patches, officially acknowledged, affects the Security Only .Net patch KB 4457916, for Win8.1 and Server 2012 R2. Install that patch and any defined Sharepoint Workflows will fail to run.

One small step forward, one giant leap back

Pilot fish is paying his monthly bills online when he discovers one of his utilities has changed the payment part of its website -- and it's so secure, he can't log in.

Throwback Thursday: Just one more thing to worry about

Pilot fish and his wife are planning a vacation to an all-inclusive resort, which wants him to set up a password for its website -- but something's not quite right.

Microsoft Windows update arrows on laptop and mobile phone

Time to turn off Windows Automatic Update and brace for impact

Patch Tuesday hits tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be benign, as it was in August. Maybe, as in July, the rolled out offal will break everything in sight. You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?'

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Mac and iOS apps stealing user data -- an enterprise take

Several Mac and iOS apps distributed via the App Store have been covertly stealing user data, opening a new front in the eternal enterprise security wars.

Why security is the first thing to go, episode 65,723

IT contractor's project to upgrade some software for a client is way behind schedule. Why is that such a problem? The current software is about to go End-of-Life.

Throwback Thursday: Well, trial and error IS a mechanism

New regulations mean more security at this insurance company, so it's goodbye keys, hello keycards. And if the system fails? Says the new CSO, "Mechanisms are in place."

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Get caught up on your July and August Windows/Office patches

Many of you skipped the July patches, and for good reason — they were a mess. Now, finally, it looks as if the combined July and August patches are relatively stable, as long as you avoid the Intel microcode fiasco. Here’s how to...

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VirusTotal Intelligence, a search engine for malware | Salted Hash Ep 45

In this episode, host Steve Ragan talks with Karl Hiramoto, technical solutions consultant for VirusTotal, maker of VirusTotal Intelligence, a searchable detection tool for malware.


Firefox to auto-block ad trackers

Mozilla’s browser will first target trackers that slow down page loading, then tackle cross-site trackers that follow users around the web.

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Apple insists developers ramp up their privacy commitments

Developers must now say how they collect data in the apps they put in the Apple Store, what they do with it, and take responsibility for how it is treated if it is sold on.

Microsoft Windows update arrows on laptop and mobile phone

Windows and .Net finally get their 'D Week' patches, as Intel microcode fixes go wacko

Overnight, Microsoft released 34 patches for all versions of Windows and .Net: Every version of Win10 gets a cumulative update; Win7 and 8.1 get Monthly Rollup Previews; all versions of .Net also get Previews. But beware the Ides of...

You've got malware!

Flashback to the early 2000s, when this pilot fish works in a building where the level of computer literacy is hovering near absolute zero -- and then comes the virus.

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